Imagine Meraki

Imagine Meraki was founded by Monique, "Mo," after she was furloughed from working as a Flight Attendant. She had a little extra time on her hands, which allowed her to dive into her creative side.


Mo came across the word Meraki [may-rah-kee], which is “A Modern Greek word that is used to describe when someone puts soul, creativity, and love into their work; When they are truly devoted and passionate about something they believe in.” She felt such a connection to it and wondered what it would be like to “imagine” her Meraki. Creating her uniquely scented hand-poured candles was a way for her to be able to imagine her Meraki. 


Mo wants people to be able to sense the passion, love, and creativity behind her work.

Monique, Founder of Imagine Meraki
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Long Beach, CA

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