10 of the Best Black-Owned Tea Brands

People all over the world, for thousands of years, have been drinking tea. With several studies touting tea's various health benefits like reduced inflammation, immune system boosts, and the ability to help ward off heart disease and cancers, it's for good reason.

While not all teas are created equal, there's plenty of evidence that routinely drinking tea can improve your overall wellness.

You may not always be able to make it to your local cafe but these ten amazing black-owned tea brands will help you make sure you're getting herbal goodness at home.


Teaspressa Rooibos Tea

Teaspressa, a leading gourmet beverage company, is the only producer of a tea and coffee hybrid. They use a proprietary brewing process to brew their unique blends and tea profiles, ensuring each embodies the rituals and characteristics of that morning cup of joe that you love with all-natural, quality, loose-leaf tea. They also offer other beverage products including easy-to-make cocktail kits.

Teaspressa's Capetown Rooibos tea is available on Breedlove Market, a black-owned marketplace exclusively selling products from black-owned brands.

Aesthete Tea

Aesthete Tea La Vie en Rose

Aesthete Tea is an herbal blend and loose-leaf tea brand based out of Portland, Oregon. They maintain a strong commitment to their farmers and source only the highest quality ingredients from collectives and individuals that share the same quality and ethics. All proprietary tea blends are made by Folk Healer and Herbalist, and Aesthete Tea's founder's mother, Maggie Cassidy.

Several blends are available on Breedlove Market, like La Vie en Rose Herbal Blend containing rose petals, caraway, and fennel to support stress relief, digestion, and healthy skin.

Adjourn Tea House

Adjourn Teahouse Jubilee

Adjourn Tea House emphasizes sustainability and superior quality. All ingredients for Adjourn's artisanal, hand-blended teas, are sourced sustainably from around the world. Their teas are crafted by helping you create rituals that let you adjourn from the worries and stresses of your regular days in mind.

Brew yourself a cup of Adjourn's Lady Lady tea blend, an earl grey blend with a twist of bergamot, lavender, rose petal, and gold mica powder.

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop

The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop Glow

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop seeks to design tea blends as unique as the people drinking them. Whether you're looking for a new tea blend to add a little spice to your return or something to help you relax in the evening, The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop has you covered.

While also brewing delicious tea blends, The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop also works to curate conversations and spaces for Young Black