4 Black-Owned Cannabis Companies

Happy 4/20! More people than ever are celebrating this 'unofficial holiday' across the country. 16 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and 35 states permit the use of medical marijuana. As of 2019, two-thirds of Americans support federal legalization.

With increased legalization and public approval comes increased tax revenues for states. Turning a drug that was previously associated with DARE programs and uneven charges for possession between racial groups, into a cash cow for state governments. With this generational shift, there are questions on how to right the wrongs of the previous criminalization of marijuana usage.

One way to make sure that this newly generated wealth from this market is spread across a diverse group is to invest and purchase from minority-owned cannabis companies. Currently, 81% of cannabis companies are owned by white people while 4.3% are owned by black people.

Below, we gathered some of our favorite black-owned cannabis companies that offer a range of cannabis products from CBD soft gels to skincare products to smoking accessories.

Jane Parade

Awake & Baked T-Shirt Jane Parade

Jane Parade creates accessories and lifestyle essentials with the 'female cannabis connoisseur in mind'. They offer a range of chic T-shirts and sweatshirts, prints, and accessories that represent the wake and bake lifestyle. The Thank You for Smoking Tote will help you carry all the goodies you'll want to buy from Jane Parade.

Brown Girl Jane

Luxury CBD Body Butter, Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane offers full-spectrum CBD products focused on catering to the needs of women of color. Founded by three black women, they create the cleanest CBD products focusing on working directly with their supply chain of farmers, chemists, and manufacturers. Check out their luxury CBD body butter made with all plant-based ingredients and combined with shea and cocoa butter, chamomile, calendula, and aloe.

Holmes Organics

Holmes Organics CBD

Holmes Organics was founded by Cory Holmes after researching CBD products as a natural stress and anxiety relief product. While doing research, he realized the CBD market was largely unregulated and filled with poorly produced products. To meet this need, Holmes created Holmes Organics, to offer premium, high-quality CBD products. We recommend their CBD Gummies because who doesn't like something that's good for you but tastes like candy!


CBD Skincare Kayaire

Kayaire offers a line of CBD skincare products, specifically formulated to help with psoriasis, eczema, and acne. All of their products are high-quality, all-natural, and certified organic. Use Kayaire's Hydrating Cream Moisturizer day and/or night to help cool irritated skin.