Iced Coffee Scrub

Iced Coffee Scrub


Soap Distillery


Is your addiction to Iced Coffee maybe a little too intense? (Yes.) Should you talk through those issues with a licensed professional? (Maybe.) But not today, because we're enablers! Soap Distillery's Iced Coffee Scrub is the perfect way to bring your favorite addiction into the shower. 


This scrub is made of real coffee grounds mixed with real sugar and mint that gently exfoliates you and also gives you just enough energy to go out and get a real iced coffee.


9.7 oz


Made in the USA.

  • Raw cane sugar, ground coffee, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, polyglycerol-3 methyl glucose (natural plant source), essential oil blend, tocopherol (vitamin e), rosemary extract