Lift Off Makeup Remover Set

Lift Off Makeup Remover Set


Yubi Beauty


You know those nights when taking off your makeup is literally the last thing you want to do before going to bed? Maybe that's most nights? No? Just us? Cool, cool, cool.


Well even if that isn't your regular day, Yubi Beauty's Lift Off Makeup Remover Set will make quick work of removing your makeup, whether you went for a barely-there look or for a contoured, baked, "I'm doing an insta photo shoot today" look.


Keep your skin glowing with this set that includes:


  • Microfiber Makeup Remover Puff - glide this brush over your skin to quickly and gently remove makeup without tugging or pulling. Machine washable and reusable.
  • Yubi Headband - use this velvety headband to keep your hair out of the way during your beauty ritual.
  • Use Lift Off Remover Puff wet to gently wipe makeup, dirt, and oil from skin.


    Machine washable.

  • Adiya Dixon Wiggins created Yubi Beauty out of necessity. Due to being a practicing attorney and mother of two her mornings were busy answering emails, dishing out bowls of cereal, and searching for everyone's shoes. She didn't have time for beauty. 


    Adiya wanted a shortcut, a way to apply cosmetics quickly and on the go. Using fingers was too messy and the results were patchy. Traditional make-up brushes didn't make sense on the go. After searching at every store she could, she didn't see the sort of product she was looking for. This resulted in creating Yubi Beauty.


    Yubi Beauty aims to put the magic of beauty literally at the fingertips of people everywhere.